You may be wondering: Anna who? Let's find out.

Born in Russia, I stayed there till age 13, learned Russian in that time, moved to Germany, went to school, graduated, went to University, left and started my life. That is where it gets exciting.

Like in a story the journey is its own reward. So let's see where it all started. The first steps, the small ones, the big ones, the jumps and the leaps.



Gastronomy. The thing I did while studying and the thing I did after studying, in the meantime graduating as a Management Assistent in Hotel Business and working for two years in high quality Hotels where a mistake might cost you your life. Not literally, but you know: it's a tough business.

Among others I worked in Hotel Königshof in Munich. After a year I couldn’t do it any more: I needed an intellectual challenge.

Then I finally moved to the Online World. Who thought being a nerd would be my thing.



MeinProspekt gave me the opportunity to gain experience in a variety of positions of an online agency. But it all started with a simple position as a team assistant with a basic task of helping my colleagues manage the marketing material of many high profile merchants such as IKEA, Media Markt, McDonalds, Real, Rewe, Edeka, Saturn & Tengelmann. And so I did. In fact I did it so well that I became the lead with employee oversight, supervising five employees. In just half a year.

But I was still thirsty for more. I figured out a way to increase the click-through rate on our brochures. That responsiblity was thus handed to me. I took that opportunity. And in the process became a Campaign Manager.


JANUARY 2013 - JULY 2014

With this position my range of tasks grew. As did my responsibilities. While I continued leading the content division, I was also heading the campaign management, which meant overseeing the KPIs, reporting them directly to the CEO and suggesting our next steps.

Balancing all of those tasks required me to have a deep understanding of the technical implementation of our platforms. And since being a campaign manager required me to work closely with the sales division, I understood both the technical possibilities and the clients wishes. Thus I was the go-to person regarding technical inquiries. What I learned was that the clients kept demanding technical progress, but my colleagues were bound by the old technical implementation. So I took it upon myself to work out a concept and plan out the necessary stept to improve our system. At the same time, we were introducing SCRUM into our workflow, and I began the process of becoming a project manager. And more specifically: a product owner.



Improving technical systems for flexibility and efficiency. Rethinking old processes and streamlining established tools. Putting a big focus on usability and user experience and in the end: seeing a delighted user, whether it be one who is using one of our apps and services or a colleague next to me getting some work done with vastly improved tools - that is what drives me. And it was a long road to realize what my passion is. But I found it.

Especially with the introduction of SCRUM I got to experience first hand the positive influence of an agile workflow on our productivity.

After the company got sold, and eventually shut its doors, I immediatly got myself certified as a Product Owner and SCRUM Master, deepening my knowledge in areas such as writing good User Stories and organizing the necessary meetings. And started looking for my next challenge. Still fascinated by technology, I chose Plan.Net Technology.



At Plan.Net Technology I've had the opportunity to improve and extend my technical knowledge, particularly in web and app development. By closely collaborating with the development team and the hosting department I've had the chance to learn from a variety of challenges, while managing a variety of teams around the globe.

Most projects were done with our Romanian development branch. Via Skype and occasional in person meetings in Romania I managed the development of an Android App, Mobile Games and Microsites for the internal branches of clients such as Lufthansa, Miles & More and Emmi Caffe Latte.

Personal challenges were set by my supervisor to increase my technical knowledge, such as setting up a virtual box, installing a Linux fork and implementing an Apache Server and a MySQL Database, in order to be able to programm in PHP. Those challenges have awoken my interest in more than just the tasks at hand: I started programming on my own.

And now you’re looking at one of my own creations.


JANUARY 2017 - MAY 2017

I was the IT consultant for the car insurance service of Allianz through the Demirtag Consulting GmbH.

Understanding and taking care of the complexities of this service reignited my passion: caring about one product and improving it far beyond what it is.

Unfortunately the nature of my consultancy is so that I will be switching responsibilities and products rather often.

From posterXXL I became an offer to implement SCRUM as a developer process. I couldn’t say no to this opportunity. So I left Demirtag Consulting and started at posterXXL.

Agile Coach and
Scrum Master

May 2017 - September 2017

As an Agile Coach my task consists of the introduction of agile processes. SCRUM seemed the perfect fit after an in depth analyses of the tasks. My challenge was to balance the day-to-day with the implementation of agile working methods.

As a SCRUM Master I introduced a diverse set of meetings, ranging from Daily Stand-Ups, Sprint Planning, Review- as well as Retrospective-Meetings. One essential task as a SCRUM Master is to spread out the knowledge of individual developers throughout the group and thus optimizing our efficiency, improving our speed and strengthening ourselves as a team.

Since we did not have a product owner I took it upon myself to also act as such and take over the tasks associated with that opportunity: a close collaboration with the stakeholders in identifying and optimizing of requirements.

An even bigger opportunity presented itself to me in September of 2017: former colleagues of mine have started their own company, and have asked me to help them as a SCRUM Master and Agile Coach.

I said yes.

Agile Coach and
Scrum Master

September 2017 - April 2018

A start-up consisting of four of my friends and former colleagues, the yack.rocks GmbH entered the same market that MeinProspekt was in - which is also the company’s core product: a mobile app and website called weekli. It allows users to see brochures of most of the common department stores and supermarkets online. To me this meant: back to the roots, helping friends to get their company off the ground.

Thus I was able to combine my prior experience in that market with the experiences I have gained since. We created a roadmap, defined overarching goals which I then split into smaller projects and tasks to fill our Jira backlog.

I used Jira to prioritise the tasks among the three developers to be done in 2-week sprints. Daily stand-ups and retrospective meetings helped us identify small obstacles early and get a feel for what our successes where and in which ways the process may need to be optimised.

Thinking fast, always being at the ready, acting outside of my core competencies and learning new things quickly: a very young start-up teaches you to be multidisciplinary while never taking the eye of your main tasks.

Having helped my friends bring stability and structure to their young company, I am now looking for something more stable and beneficial. With experiences under my belt that range from tiny start-ups to global power houses as well as high-performing agencies I am now ready to take on what is next.

Why did I create this site? Because I am grateful for the things I have learned in my various endeavors and the opportunity to work with great people.

Read on to know what's next.